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Community is at the heart of who we are. Research shows over and over that social connections and relationships improve mental health and can protect against suicide. Barbarians Group provides programs and initiatives that build strong communities, where people feel connected, supported, and armed with the skills needed, in whatever mental health difficulties they face.

We support our community in a variety of ways, but you may notice many of our initiatives are focused on men's mental health. Men often share the good times with their mates, but then try to fight the tough stuff alone. We know mental health outcomes are far better when extra support is called in. This is why we have a special focus on bridging this gap - providing support, events, and workshops for men to help them not only show up for their mates, but to show up for themselves. 

Together, as a community, we can move mountains.

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Building Strong Communities

Our Programs

Our initiatives and programs change from time to time, so please check back regularly. Alternatively, if you have an initiative we can help with, please Contact Us.

Bloke's Night

These workshops are designed for men, and aim to question the rules of masculinity, creating space for real and honest conversations. Held in both metro and regional areas. 

Speak Up, Speak Out

A non-judgemental environment for men, women and genderqueer to challenge stereotypes. By opening up, participants build self-confidence and collective empathy to allow for deeper conversations in their communities.

School Workshops

Working with young people, their teachers and parents to break down stereotypes, create more conversation, and build emotional muscles.

Rural Support

Supporting our rural communities is important to us. We fund a range of initiatives across the year aimed at sustaining social connections and relationships for those living across regional WA.

Our Events

Attend one of our incredible treks or fun events - your support and participation will raise valuable funds to help those in our community who are battling mental health difficulties. Not only that, but coming along to these community events also helps to strengthen YOUR social connections and relationships too. It's a circle. Together, as a community, we can move mountains. 

How Can You Help?

Your support will help us build stronger communities, improve the mental health and well-being of others, and prevent suicides.